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Finding You The Right Boat

So you’ve decided you are ready to buy a boat but you don’t have the time to do the endless scrolling through the countless  ‘boats for sale’ websites ? Or you need a hand narrowing down the boats matching your wish list criteria. Maybe you are new to boating and just don’t know where to start. Or perhaps you have already invested time on the international websites and have decided to purchase offshore and need assistance to bring your boat to your home port. Or say you have found your ideal boat and not sure of your next move.

 As a buyers agent we can assist with all of the above and more.

 There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a pre owned boat.

How legitimate is the current ownership ? If I don’t go ahead am I sure to get my deposit back ? What happens if there’s a defect found during the survey or seatrial ? How do I know if there is any money owing on this vessel - finance, unpaid trade invoices ? And so on. The Solution - let us do the hard yards for you.


Not only will we help buyers understand the used boat market they are shopping in, but also give them an edge in making an educated offer for the boat they wish to purchase, and negotiate the deal for you too.


Get in contact today for a chat about buying that very boat.

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